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Things to Consider Before Any Photo Session!

July 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
1. Style Suggestions
SOLIDS, SOLIDS, SOLIDS! Different colors and patterns can be too distracting and take away the attention from the subject - YOU! As the saying goes, keep it simple. Small props and beautiful backdrops can add to the photo but I find that the most elegant photos have the least going on. But please don't misunderstand, if you have a beautiful floral print - wear it! Just be sure that if someone else is in the photo, they are not wearing patterns or colors that will clash! 
 + + + Natural and warm colors such as white, beige, tan, brown, and navy blue always look nice. 
+ + + Soft pinks and muted yellows also look great when styled properly.  
+ + + If you would like to emphasize a new red dress - that would be fabulous - just make sure that red dress is the center of attention - and not a pair of clunky shoes! 
+ + +Children also look best when photographed in their natural form. Babies under age one almost always look better with minimal clothing to show off their cute chubby stems and silky smooth skin! Clothes with graphics do not photograph well and can appear wrinkled in the photo.  Depending on the weather, I recommend children take off their shoes (that varies according to styling).
​Overall, remember, LESS is MORE!
2. Understand custom photography. I ask that you recognize the difference between custom photography and photos you might get at the mall during the holidays.  Custom photography means that you choose the photographer based on their portfolio, their style and overall judgment, and ultimately pay for time and talent, not "how many photos."  So, the BEST photos are based on photographic elements such as composition, lighting, clarity, focus, etc. In other words, you won't get every photo.  What? Yes, I said that. You won't get every photo.  There is no other reason than the 20-30 or so that I select for you are the best based on photographic elements, my own personal brand.  Remember that I WANT to give you as many great photos as possible, and that I always strive to do the very best.  (I am NOT withholding great photos, I promise!). 
 3. Be sure to communicate any "special requests" in advance.  These request are most commonly regarding props and poses.  Kindly do this two weeks before the session, and earlier if possible.  It is also helpful to know the colors of the props you would like to use so that I may prepare the backdrops and color coordinate for flattering images.  (Please e-mail those details as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before the session.)  It is most helpful to communicate these at the time of booking...the earlier, the better! 
4. Don't worryEven if you leave the session feeling like it didn't go well, remember that the best photos from the session are selected and edited in post-production.
5. Enjoy the process! Remember, nothing is perfect and these moments are precious - no matter what! If you have any additional questions, feel free to call me at 631-793-9863.


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