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Why are newborn sessions so expensive?

July 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Why are newborn sessions so expensive? Because ... 

(1) They take a few hours to do.  Babies need to be fed, changed, and snuggled while your photographer attempts to pose them with cute props. 

(2) The editing takes a long time.  Babies have very sensitive skin with lots of redness and flakes, etc.  The attention to detail for these portraits is crucial.  

(3) Travel and set-up takes a long time.  Even if you travel to a studio and don't elect to have a newborn session in your home, the photographer spends a great amount of time setting up the essentials.

(4) Photographers need to make a living too. If you are being charged $450 and it takes 10 hours to edit your photos plus three hours to complete the session (excluding travel time if the session is in your own home), what are you left with? You do the math!

(5) You probably can't do it yourself.  Do you own a high-end SLR camera worth $3,500 with a prime lens, props, and editing programs? If so, you've invested some serious cash and should do it yourself.  Otherwise, if you hire someone with professional equipment and skills, they need to be paid!

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