Julbaby Photography | Newborn & Religious

Julbaby provides custom photography services.  During your session, I will take hundreds of photos as well as explore some different creative ideas.  I love to capture moments as well as integrate my creative style.  After the session, I view the files (with a fine tooth comb) to select the absolute 20 best photos for you based on photographic elements such as focus, light quality, composition, angle of view, texture, color, and composition to name a few.  After the best 20 are selected, I retouch the photos using professional software and strive to create fine art photos that highlight the most flattering images as well as represent the company brand.  I do not simply just take pictures and send all of the files! Clients have print release rights to reproduce the images for their personal use. Images must be shared with a company logo on the web.

2018 BABY DOLL NEWBORN COLLECTION starts at $485 + tax

Newborn photography posed, candid, and styled sessions are a minimum of three (3) hours in length and should be done within one to ten (1-10 and sometimes up to 14) days after birth for the best photos with posing (after that time, most sessions are done with more swaddling due to age and movement). Gallery includes 20 retouched images with printing rights. Sessions are pre-scheduled (tentatively) seven days after your due and the date will likely change depending on your actual delivery date. That date will be determined after you deliver.  

Note: A travel fee applies 30+ miles from Holbrook

Babies 1-10 days old are posed in the nude with props, swaddle blankets, and knitted/crocheted clothing. Clients receive a digital gallery of the best (handpicked) retouched photos with printing rights, photos with a watermark to share on the web, and a complimentary 8x10 print of their choice. A signed agreement and digital deposit are required to formally book. Special requests for photos/props should be made at the time of booking. Photo processing takes two-three weeks. Clients have print release rights to reproduce the images for their personal use. Session includes additional participants for family photos such as parents and siblings. Additional fee applies for participants such as grandparents or extended family etc.

2018 BLESSED BABY COLLECTION starts at $400 + tax

This collection includes a 90 minute portrait photo session on the day the baptism/baby naming ceremony either in your home or at the church before the ceremony with the church’s/place of worship's permission (not during the ceremony.) Client is responsible for obtaining permission from the church. Session may include up to 15 participants. Gallery includes 20 enhanced images with printing rights, a 5x7 print and 8x10 print of your choice.

Note: A travel fee applies 30+ miles from Holbrook